Theft of an AA Book

So our cars were “broken into” last night. I say broken because it really involved them opening a door cause we’re horrible at locking them. I first noticed when I saw my make up bag on my drivers seat, then looking around realized the car was a mess (items were pulled out of my first aid kit, trash was pulled out of where it had been tucked).

I still haven’t gone through it carefully but it seems two items are missing from each car. An envelope full of change from mine as well as a couple of dollars in loose change from my husbands, a knife, and an AA Book (the 12 & 12). Oddly I’m not particularly bothered by the theft. I did similar things in my youth when I was at my worst, and I know I leave my doors unlocked far too often.

I actually appreciate the things that were left and the fact that they seemed to just take what they’d use. I hope the book benefits them.