It feels like it is time to regroup and put some focus back on my sobriety. It has been 74 days. There are times I’m fine now and ways I’ve adjusted. I’ve gotten smoother about not drinking without feeling the need to babble and explain or draw attention to the fact I’m not.

I had another dream about drinking last night though so I wouldn’t say the urges have completely passed.

This past weekend I did Mudderella, a 5 mile mud run with obstacles  (and I’m not naturally athletic so doing it at all was a big deal). At the end you get free hard cider. I took mine and took pictures toasting with my team of friends, then discreetly and quickly passed it off to a spectator friend who knows I’m not drinking. It was the single hardest drink to turn down thus far, but I never seriously thought about drinking it.

Trying to avoid too much pride and take it one day at a time though.